LEEDP Form Overview

This is what LEEDP interactive forms look like: If you scroll down you will see what the form pages look like and some information about LEEDP features.


Here's a list of Categories: The categories are based on SEGs (Standard Evaluation Guidelines). This is a huge benefit. You will know exactly what important factors to base your evaluations on.


1. Driving Skill: Normal/Speed Control:
2. Driving Skills: Moderate Stress/Emergency:
3. Radio: Transmission/Reception/Procedures:
4. Field Performance: Non-Stress Conditions:
5. Field Performance: Stress Conditions:
6. Officer Safety: Contact/Cover/Pat-down:
7. Prisoner Control or Investigative Detention:
8. Control of Conflict: Physical Skill:
9. Spatial/ Location Skills:
10. Self-Initiated Field Activity:
11. Vehicle/Pedestrian Stops:
12. Interview/Interrogator Skills:


13. Oral Communication:
14. Report Writing:

15. Arrests:
16. Accident Investigation:
17. Departmental Policies and Procedures:
18. Criminal Codes:
19. Vehicle Code:
20. Officer Patrol Procedures:
21. Use of Force:
22. Criminal Investigation:
23. Domestic Dispute Investigations:

24. Acceptance of Criticism / Feedback:
26. Relationship with Citizens:
27. Relationship with Department Members:
28. Stress Control: Verbal Communications / Physical Behavior:

29. Decision Making / Problem Solving:
30. Judgment:

31. General Appearance:


Here's a sample of a LEEDP opening page:

Each page is conveniently linked so you can easily navigate through the forms. The page links are located on the bottom left side of page. You'll notice that on page one you can input your department's name, the report type and employee information.


Category Page: Here you can select a rating level (Unacceptable, Acceptable, Excels) from the dropdown menus for the categories observed during the rating period. All categories will be listed as (Not Observed) until you make a selection. As guidelines, these definitions serve as a means of program standardization and continuity. Once you select a rating level for a category you then indicate your justification(s) for your selection in the comments area located just below the listed category.

The Performance Trait Reference serve to better explain each performance observed by the evaluator. There are 31 Standardized Evaluation Guideline categories on the full featured program.

You’ll notice a page number listed next to each category. The page number that corresponds to the Category contains a detailed description of the category with a dropdown menu containing justification phrases for that category. You can then choose the justification phrase from the dropdown menu that best justifies your rating selection of unacceptable, acceptable or excels. You can copy the justification phrase from the dropdown menu and paste it into the comment area.

Category Page containing dropdown menus with justification phrases describing performance. Phrases can be copied and pasted into comment areas. The FTO and Police/Sheriff evaluation reports have 31 SEGs (Standard Evaluation Guideline) Categories.

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